Phillips Ranch Pharmacy and Healthmart
Personalized Pharmacist Services when you need it
Phillips Ranch Pharmacy is owned and operated by SJC Management and Consulting Corporation and has been in business since August 2005. 

The Pharmacy exists to: (1) meet the community pharmacist needs of the Phillips Ranch Community.  The pharmacy offers personalized prescription management, vaccinations, and compounding services in a caring environment.  (2) meet the needs of our patients and partnering clients operating LTC facilities.  We offer highly specialized expertise in the management of pharmacist services for Long-Term-Care Facilities of all sizes (RCFE, ICF, and SNF). 
For more information on our Long Term Care services division contact:
Dr. Joanne Evans

Operating Hours: 
Monday through Friday:  9AM to 9PM
Saturday:  9AM to 5PM
Sunday: 9AM to 2PM
LTC Accounts have access to our 24/7 service lines

Want more information - contact us:
Scott Evans, PharmD
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Joanne Evans, PharmD
Chief Clinical Officer

Kevin Kaldjian, MHA
Chief Operating Officer
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8 Village Loop Road - Suite A
Phillips Ranch